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Shifting tenses in a short story [duplicate]

I am writing a short story using past tense, but I am a little bit confused when it comes to writing this part: She had never seen a man as athletic as him before. She knew Japanese men (were / ...
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"I told him I am 20" vs. "I told him I was 20" [duplicate]

Suppose I am 20 years old. Which the following is correct? Someone asked me how old I am. I told him I am 20. Someone asked me how old I was. I told him I was 20.
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Is the past tense correct in "Did you know Fred was a doctor?" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: He didn't know where New Jersey was… Tense change: previous actions on something that's currently true My wife and I were disagreeing about this today: ...
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repeat the past conversation [duplicate]

My mum says: You have to go back home tomorrow by 6pm. The day after, do I tell my friend: My mum said I have to go back home by 6pm OR My mum said I had to go back home by 6pm ...
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What is the tense of the verb that goes in "I wish I would do something that ..." ? (I wish I would buy him a present that he likes/liked.) [duplicate]

I was watching a TV show, and this girl said: I just wish that once, I'd bring a guy home that they actually liked. Shouldn't it be like this? : I just wish that once, I'd bring a guy home ...
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tense agreement about truth [duplicate]

For example, "I found that LA is not an island." (Truth always) or "I ensured them that car insurance is necessary." (Truth in past and now still) Do I have to use "was" instead of "is" for tense ...
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Sequence of tenses when we express certainty [duplicate]

I beg your pardon but I have a doubt about this sentence: "They failed to believe their eyes as they realized their world is just an experiment" So, if we are following a correct sequence of ...
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Why did you ask me if they have any allergies? [duplicate]

In this sentence, the person is referring to a question that was asked in the past but a condition that is current. Can the past and present tense be used in this case or should it be "Why did ...
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Use simple past or present? [duplicate]

Between these sentences: Ten years ago he showed me the location of the stations. There was a bridge that connected them. Ten years ago he showed me the location of the stations. There is a bridge ...
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Use of 'are' or 'were' for this past tense sentence [duplicate]

The boys are Liam and Ethan. My eight year old student is explaining her choice of 'are' rather than 'were' in this sentence from a past tense recount of her weekend, stating that the boys are still ...
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are the tense of the verbs true in each sentence? [duplicate]

are the tense of the verbs true in each sentence? 1-I think Jimmy did his duty as other police officers do.(simple past+simple present is true?) 2-I think he did the right thing because he is a ...
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"He didn't know where New Jersey was"

I know the past tense carries the past tense in every dependent clause, but referring specifically to places or to things that are eternal, like the Earth, seems a bit weird and therefore we sometimes ...
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Is it correct to say "What was your name?"?

Is it correct to say "What was your name?"? The reason I am asking this is, generally the name of the person will not change. One should say "What is your name?"
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Should I say 'What I wanted to say is' or 'What I wanted to say was'?

Following Martha's advice I am splitting up a question Compound sentences, the punctuation and mooore. Let's put what I said / wrote something in the past. And now I want to elaborate some key points ...
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Narrative tenses (for things that haven't happened yet)

I learn that when we are telling a story, we should use past tense. What if in our story there's an event that will happen after the story being told? For example, in the following sentence: When ...
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