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is it 0 degree or 0 degrees outside? [duplicate]

This is in relation to the question "It's “1 degrees” or is it “1 degree” outside?". I have heard many people say that it is zero degrees outside. Is this correct, or is it 0 degree? The latter simply ...
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'0 result' vs '0 results' [duplicate]

I am developing a search control, where user types in and it returns search results. When I get no matching result what message would be correct in that case? a) 0 result b) 0 results
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Do we say zero point or zero points? [duplicate]

I know we say one point or two points, how about zero? Do you say zero point or zero points? Or both are ok depending on the context?
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Do I write "zero millimeter" or "zero millimeters"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Correct plural form of a zero quantified noun There are no comments / There is no comment. In the sentence "There is 0 mm of attached gingiva," is the proper word "is" or "...
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How to explain why do we use, e.g. "1" video but "0" videos? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Correct plural form of a zero quantified noun It's getting really complicated when you have to explicate to a student a bunch of habitual "Whys"! For example, how do I ...
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Is -1 followed by a singular or plural noun?

Do we say "-1 thing" or "-1 things"? I am interested in both two things minus one thing(s) and minus/negative one thing(s)
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Why is "zero" followed by a plural noun?

I could have: Two books One book Zero books Why is zero followed by a plural form? I don't expect English to always make sense, but everything has a reason, even if the reason is stupid. The ...
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"There are no comments" vs. "There is no comment"

Which is correct? There are no comments. There is no comment. Which would you use for a web application, i.e. what to display when a blog post or an article has no comment attached? Actually, ...
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"Nobody want to go there," or "nobody wants to go there"?

In English, the number 0 is treated as plural. It is then: 0 seconds 1 second 1.2 seconds 2 seconds Shouldn't it be "nobody want to go there," instead of "nobody wants to go there"? I also ...
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It's "1 degrees" or is it "1 degree" outside?

Is it grammatically correct to say it's 1 degrees outside or is it 1 degree outside? (Talking about the weather in Buffalo, New York.)
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What's wrong with 'caught no mice'?

In Kipling's story "Below the Mill Dam", this passage occurs: "He shouted large and vague threats to my address, last night at tea, that he wasn't going to keep cats who 'caught no mice'. Those ...
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“0 Bytes” vs “0 Byte”? [closed]

Just was wondering why and Which one is the correct one? or both? A zero byte file or zero length file is a computer file containing no data; that is, it has a length or size of zero bytes. Zero ...
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