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Using "there're" to abbreviate "there are" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “there're” (similar to “there's”) a correct contraction? Since using there's for a plural object would be incorrect, would it be possible to ...
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"There is" vs. "there are" when contracted [duplicate]

Unless I am mistaken, when referring to a single thing or entity, one can say there is or there's (the contraction of the same). When referring to more than one of something, the correct wording is ...
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There is (are) + countable plural nouns [duplicate]

I keep hearing from native speakers the phrases like these: There is a lot of cars (books, hotels) There is a couple of cars (books, hotels) There is five (ten, etc.) of cars (books, hotels) There is ...
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Contraction of "There are" to "There're" [duplicate]

I'm a soon published author going through my final edit of the book and I got stuck thinking about this one. I understand that when writing this you should type in "There are". When people are saying ...
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Isn't "there're" a contraction for "there are"? [duplicate]

Aw, don't be silly. Well, I think so. So we'll say, "There're books in the library." We can also say, "We know there're not lots of foods or drinks in the library, but only books."
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There is/are for multiple subjects [duplicate]

Which one is correct? There is an apple and an orange.. or There are an apple and an orange?"
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You cannot contract "there are"!!. Right or Wrong? [duplicate]

The Woodward English website claims that Contractions The contraction of there is is there's. There's a good song on the radio. There's only one chocolate left in the box. You cannot contract there ...
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Is "Here's some tips" correct? [duplicate]

If I say "here's some tips", is that correct? Doesn't sound right to me. I would have thought it should be "here are some tips".
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Usage of 'is' and 'are' [duplicate]

I've just finished watching an episode of an american tv series. At the end of the episode, the narrator said, 'there is only two episodes left'. My question is: because two episodes is plural and ...
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Is "Are" always used with plural verbs/nouns? [duplicate]

Examples: There's six seasons, dude. Wouldn't it be: There're six seasons, dude. We are talking about multiple items; six seasons. If we refer to multiple items, we should use "Are" in ...
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"There is" and "there's" used before a plural word [duplicate]

I was just wondering how can you use "there is" followed by a word that is in plural, e.g "There's cupcakes in the fridge" and "There is a couple of things we can do --" Is it just slang?
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A singular verb instead of the plural one [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “there're” (similar to “there's”) a correct contraction? Why it is that in some cases native speakers use a singular verb instead of the ...
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"Is there" versus "Are there"

Are there any questions I should be asking? Is there any articles available on the subject? My instinct is that in the two questions above, it should be 'are' as the subjects of the sentences (...
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“There’s” or “There are”?

I wanted to get the usage of There’s clarified. I have read sentences like: There’s a lot of projects on that topic. It appears to me that There’s applies to a lot of projects, rather than to the ...
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There's three things: is it correct? [duplicate]

I found this phrase: So what is it about habits that makes something like biting your fingernails so hard to stop, while making something like running a couple half marathons per week possible? ...
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