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“Do you have” vs “Have you got” [duplicate]

I am studying English and I want to know the main difference between “Have you got?” and “Do you have?” questions. Are they the same? Is one more formal than the other?
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Using 'got' to mean 'have' [duplicate]

I'm used to hearing expressions like 'I got no money' or 'I got a lot of work to do', in which 'got' is used with the same meaning as 'have'. My British friends, however, always put strange faces when ...
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What's the difference between "have" and "have got" to express possession? [duplicate]

What's the difference between "have" and "have got" to express possession? examples: I have a pen. I have got a pen.
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The phrase "We've got ~" spoken by British people [duplicate]

I sometimes hear British people say "We've got ~" just like "We've got an apple", instead of " We have an apple." And I wonder if British people use "We have ~" or not. Is this phrase used in ...
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diffirence between "i have no..." and "i've got no..." [duplicate]

Is there a diffirence between 'i have no evidence' and i've got no evidence'?
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Which is correct: "has died" or "died"?

To me, using Present Perfect form means the event can occur again. So, saying someone has died may not be grammatically correct. Also, I noticed (it might be just coincidence): passed away ...
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When to use "have" and "have got"

When do I use have and have got? Are "I have the answer" and "I've got the answer" both correct?
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Which one is correct? He doesn't have got a car or He doesn't have a car [closed]

I was doing a test on an English site and I found this question: A He don't have a car. B He doesn't have got a car. C He haven't got a car. D He doesn't have a car. The correct answer was ( D ) ...
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"...that I have not got", vs. "gotten"? [duplicate]

In such a context as... I have never applied to job that I cannot do, nor to one that I have not gotten. vs. I have never applied to job that I cannot do, nor to one that I have not got. My ...
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Why does the verb 'have' require 'do' or 'got' and cannot be used alone?

When I began to study English, about 50 years ago, I was taught to ask, for instance, 'Have you a car?' and, if the answer was negative, to answer 'I have not a car.' However, when I came back to ...
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What is the question tag for: "They got the answers, ____?

What would be the appropriate question tag for the sentence "They got the answers yesterday, ______?" Is haven't they the correct question tag? I would also like to know the different American ...
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You've got or gotten? [duplicate]

I would like to properly use the verb get in the following sentence: "You've ___ bigger since the last time I saw you, Bobby." Should the past tense got be used or the past participle gotten? I ...
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"comes to have"

In the sentence For we can show how "dogs bark" comes to have the property that constitutes X can someone explain the meaning of comes to have? What does it mean?
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Causative infinitive “get”

I have the following sentence: I've got a lot of things to get done by this weekend. Is it correct? Is to get done a valid causative form?
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Is "have/has got" a perfect for BrE, but not AmE?

In BrE the past participle of get is in most cases got, while in AmE it is almost always gotten. Does that imply that in the context of BrE "have/has got" is a genuine perfect construction, whereas ...
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