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When is it appropriate to end a sentence in a preposition?

Like many others, I commonly find myself ending a sentence with a preposition. Yes, it makes me cringe. I usually rewrite the sentence, but sometimes (in emails) I just live with it. To, with... ...
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Why does legal English sometimes repeat the antecedent noun after "which"?

Here's a standard English sentence: The folder which is missing from the principal's office contained the answers to today's exam. (Separate question, discussed elsewhere I'm sure, whether it ...
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"How much water do you take a bath with?" — Is this sentence correct?

I corrected the student, saying that he should write "How much water do you use to take a bath?" because his sentence seemed unnatural to me. Do you consider it correct? Would you use it?
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"Where are you now at?" — grammatically correct?

Should I say "Where are you at now?" or "Where are you now at?" Which is grammatically correct? And is there any difference in meaning between the two?
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Preposition: "[In] Which city are you located [in]?"

In which city are you located? Which city are you located in? Which city are you located? I know the first is grammatically correct, and the second used frequently in conversation, but my ...
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"Can we get this over with?"

I am confused about this sentence because it ends in a preposition, something that I thought was not really grammatically correct: Can we get this over with? In addition, I haven't found a ...
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Why do so many people use a preposition with which to end a sentence? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is it okay to end a sentence in a preposition? I see it a lot, even though my elementary teacher told me it is wrong. This is probably a new development, a sign that our ...
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Why is "to" used after the verb at the end of a sentence?

I would do it if I wanted to. I would do it if I wanted. Why is to used after the verb? Only to give emphasis? Is there a difference in the meanings of the above sentences?
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Position of prepositions in questions and clauses

I would like to know if there is any rule to know where prepositions should be placed in questions or clauses. For example, I have heard many sentences and some of them put the preposition in the ...
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"Exchange emails with whomever you want to put me in contact [with]"

I realize the "never end a sentence with a preposition" rule is controversial these days, but let's assume for the sake of argument that it should be followed. What is the proper construction of a ...
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Ending a clause with a preposition, rule of thumb or hard rule? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is it okay to end a sentence in a preposition? So we've all heard the admonishments from our teachers not to end a clause with a preposition A plumber visits a wealthy ...
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"the board of directors I have just became a member of" or "of which I have just became a member" [duplicate]

Duplicate of: When is it appropriate to end a sentence in a preposition? Possessive connecting word for inanimate object I am not sure about following sentence being grammatically correct: .....
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"preposition: a word to annoy prescriptivists with"

What is the double meaning/meanings of this?
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Terminal preposition / adposition question

So I was hoping to know if the phrase as many as I can think of is improper or incorrect because it ends with the word "of"? What would be a way to minimally change this to not violate any don't-...
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