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Bread and butter is/are my breakfast? [duplicate]

Bread and butter (is or are) my breakfast? And what's the difference between the above sentence and saying "My breakfast is bread and butter"? Thanks.
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Compound subject whose parts are joined by "and" and verb agreement : when is the singular correct? [duplicate]

I am in doubt as to whether the subject-verb agreement of the second sentence of this paragraph is correct : Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the ideal home workshop because most people are ...
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Should "was" or "were" be used here? [duplicate]

I was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and in chapter 5 (“Fallen Warrior”) I came across the following sentence: The suddenness and completeness of death was with them like a presence. ...
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Our hope and prayer is/are? [duplicate]

I have always said, "Our hope and prayer is..." but was recently corrected by my husband and told that the correct grammar would be, "Our hope and prayer are...". Which one is correct?
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"What is your name and address" - why "is" instead of "are"? [duplicate]

We use "is" with singular but here we use "is" with two things: "name and address". Why?
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"Fish and meat gives..." or "Fish and meat give..."? [duplicate]

Fish and meat gives us protein. Or Fish and meat give us protein. Thank you I appreciate your help.
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Plural of noun and concept takes singular verb? [duplicate]

Why does a pairing of a noun and phrase about it, specifically with a question word, take a singular verb? Generically: [Noun] and [idea about noun] [singular verb].† Example: Language and how we use ...
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Singular or plural verb for compound subject? [duplicate]

Which is correct? "When quality and integrity matter..." or "When quality and integrity matters..."?
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Bill reading Shakespeare and Maureen singing Schubert satisfy/satisfies me [duplicate]

Which verb form is grammatically correct here? My intuition says 'satisfy' but a textbook I'm reading says otherwise (Core Syntax: A Minimalist Approach. If interested, a legal copy is available here)....
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Plural or singular verb when plural subject is separated by an "and"? [duplicate]

A similar question is here, in which a comma is used in place of a conjunction like and. I came across the following quotation of C. S. Lewis which reads, “What you see and what you hear depends ...
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ing and ing does ?. Is it correct? [duplicate]

The daily freezing and melting of water causes large rocks to break up into smaller pieces. I have faced a sentence and can't understand what is meaning of it. As far as I know after noun + and + ...
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countable nouns and uncoutable nouns: water and an (the) apple(s) [duplicate]

"Bread and butter" can be plural and singular and it denpends on the context but how about some combinations like countable and uncountable words? For example, "(a) water and an (the) ...
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Compound subject with "is" or "are" [duplicate]

I'm proofreading a text that includes the following passage: Semiology is defined in A Glossary of Literary Terms as ‘the systematic study of signs, as these function in all areas of human existence’....
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"Doubt and hopelessness fills my heart" or "fill my heart" [duplicate]

Which is grammatically correct? "Doubt and hopelessness fills my heart" Or "doubt and hopelessness fill my heart"?
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Are there plural forms with "is"? [duplicate]

When I type "Students is the type of people you are looking for". Instead of "type of people", it may be something like: "somewhat", "the way to go", etc.. I ...
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