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It is a painting by / of a famous painter [duplicate]

Could you please help me with this? A bit of context: Look at this painting. In the painting you can see a little girl. So, it is a painting of a girl. A famous painter painted it. So it is a ...
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The exact meaning of "John's paintings of his cat were auctioned" [duplicate]

Could it be true: John's paintings of his cat were auctioned. = Some paintings made and owned by John depicting his cat were auctioned.
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Why do you say "friend of mine" instead of "friend of me"? [duplicate]

I think friend of mine can be translated to my friend. In that case, doesn't friend of me make more sense? If we translate friend of mine to one of my friends then I guess friend of mine makes sense ...
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Do you need the “why” in “That's the reason why”? [duplicate]

I often hear people say things like “That's the reason why I....” As far as I know, “That's the reason I...” would still be grammatically correct, but I can't find anything stating one way or the ...
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What is the correct word to follow consensus?

When using the word consensus in a sentence, is it correct to say consensus on, over, or, of? For example if someone were to say, In 1960s British politics, there was consensus [correct word] the ...
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Which possessive pronoun should be used with "assignment"?

I am a little confused by the word "assignment". The dictionary says it refers to a piece of work that is given to someone as part of their job. For example, Tom assigns something to me. In other ...
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Function of genitive

What is the function of the genitive case in the sentence below? More precisely, what type of relationship between the two nouns does it imply? The man’s tale was interesting.
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parts of speech the word 'that' can belong to [closed]

Is the THAT in the following sentence a conjunction? There is strong evidence that Zika is spreading fast all over Brazil.
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'my picture' - ownership vs. depiction

Consider the sentences: Take my picture [handing over a frame] Take my picture [handing over a camera] (Photo vs. picture being insignificant - a more contrived example could avoid it; as is the ...
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Use of "of" to define objects?

I argue that the "United States of America" is different than the "Kingdom of Cambodia", for instance, because one uses "of" to describe a relationship with something larger (ie: the continents of ...
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Use of That-clause with Certain Nouns

Can rule be followed by a that-clause like possibility can? Are both of the following sentences correct: There is a possibility that life exists on other planets. There is a rule that people take ...
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Which noun does an Adjective associate with of

I read the Adjective Association question but I'm wondering how it applies to the following sentence: Here is a really old picture of me. It appears that really old, and picture are associated to ...
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Can "the idea" ever idiomatically take an infinitive?

I just ran across this sentence in an Ars Technica article: The idea to use a marble came from a scene in the pilot, in which Holmes uses a marble to determine a building’s floor is slanted. And it ...
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Can I use a reflexive pronoun in the same sentence with the person represented by the pronoun?

This is the sentence: The image on the screen stares back at Susan with eerie intensity – it is a picture of herself Microsoft Word would like me to say her, not herself.
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What does "be of" mean?

I am struggling with when to use "be of", its different meanings and alternatives like "have". I did read another thread on this on this site but still not quite sure. These two ...
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