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Singular or plural verb when pluralisation is used in parentheses [duplicate]

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"Is" vs. "Are" when using (s) [duplicate]

When using (s), should "is" or "are" be used? Regardless of what option(s) is decided. or Regardless of what option(s) are decided.
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Verb agreement with subjects of different grammatical number [duplicate]

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Should item(s) be followed by is or are? [duplicate]

When the plurality of an item is unknown, the convention is to put (s) after the item. In
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How do we add the plural between brackets when it's optional? [duplicate]

When part of a word is added between brackets to indicate that it might be an option, how do we deal with the plural version in grammatical terms? For example: The student(s) Also, when the ...
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Plural by adding (s) [duplicate]

Is it okay to say Their aim is to find which element(s) of the input has(ve) the genuine impact on the output. My question is concerned with the plural of element(s) and has(ve).
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What verb do I use when 'y(ies)' is used together in a sentence [duplicate]

For example, should it state: The beneficiary(ies) on your account were updated? OR The beneficiary(ies) on your account was updated? I'm thinking the first, but want to be sure.
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Number agreement when using “(s)” for optional plural

I have a question about the following construction and which instance is correct. Selecting an appropriate study topic(s). Selecting appropriate study topic(s). When it is both singular ...
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What is the optional plural form of a word that ends in “‑y”?

I guess “optional plural” is the correct term. I’m referring to things like It can be found at the following location(s). Please pick up your ticket(s). But how do I do that to a word that ends in&...
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Singular or plural verb after parenthetical material containing a conjunction?

I would tend to say Sara (and all of us) have a lot to think about now. ...but it occurs to me that if I remove the parenthetical it's clearly incorrect. Is it proper to say Sara (and all of us)...
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'(s)' or '/s' at the end of a word to denote one or many [duplicate]

(It's so difficult to google this.) As in, "I will look at the document(s) later". I've seen both used, I used to use '/s', but have replaced it with '(s)'. Which is (more) correct?
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Should I pluralize based on an item in parentheses [duplicate]

Which of the following two sentences is correct: Jon (and Michael) is smart. Jon (and Michael) are smart. This example is clearly contrived but my question is whether the sentence should be ...
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Singular or plural when the numeral for an additional item [eg 1 (+1) apple/s] is in parentheses?

Suppose I have a list: 2 oranges, 3 kiwis, and 1 (+1) apples. The second apple was added to the basket by someone else, but is of equal importance. Is the plural of apples correct, or should it be ...
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