I looked into the dictionary for words similar to reprimand in this expression,

I was reprimanded by the cops for reckless driving.

I checked on the web for reprimand and found lots of results, but it seems like a formal word to me(I can be wrong about this). What other words can I use for this?

Edit Ok, I am sorry for the confusion,I dont really care about fine, what I wanted to ask was informal word along the line of scolding/rebkuing.


Reprimand is a formal term used by the judiciary. From Oxford English Dictionary (OED):

reprimand, n.

A sharp rebuke, reproof, or censure, esp. one given by a person or body in authority; (Brit. Law) a formal or official rebuke given by a judge, magistrate, or police officer to an offender.

If you wanted an informal term that means the same thing, told off would be appropriate:

I was told off by my mum for not tidying up my room.


Reprimand is formal in nature. Hence, most synonyms (at least the ones that sound perfect in this sentence) would be formal too. The informal synonyms might sound out of place in this sentence.

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