Maybe I'm just not very good with Google, but I'm looking for good terms to use when describing manipulation of strings of characters, specifically words to describe:

  • Removing a prefix
  • Removing a suffix
  • Removing an infix, i.e. taking out some middle part and concatenating the remaining parts

    A more or less comprehensive list of string manipulation terminology would be nice, but just providing the above definitions would suffice.

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If you look at various string-manipulation libraries, tools, and programming languages, you will see a variety of different verbs used here, most of which are general and not location specific.

  • remove — anywhere
  • delete — anywhere
  • strip — usually anywhere
  • trim — usually on the two ends only: front/rear or left/right
  • splice — either medial only, or anywhere
  • chop, chomp — the rear end

Since there is little consensus here, you should probably just be explicit in your language:

s/^string//;      # delete_from_front(), remove_leading()
s/string$//;      # delete_from_end(), remove_trailing()
s/string//g;      # delete_all(), remove_all()
  • I think I've also seen lop for cutting off an end but don't have a reference Nov 30, 2012 at 17:09
  • I think there's usually a difference between "strip off" and "strip out" (of course, "off" or "out" may be implied in a method/function name, which may lead to confusion). Nov 30, 2012 at 17:33

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