I'm not sure exactly how to ask this question without giving an example, so here it is. What's the best way to phrase something like this:

Found 3 errors (and gave 2 suggestions) for 'Some Book'

If these were to be written separately, you would want to write "Found 3 errors in 'Some Book'" and "Gave 2 suggestions for 'Some Book'". However, I want to write it as tersely as possible, in a single sentence, but all these ways seem awkward to me:

  1. Found 3 errors (and gave 2 suggestions) for 'Some Book'
  2. Found 3 errors (and gave 2 suggestions) in 'Some Book'
  3. Found 3 errors in (and gave 2 suggestions for) `Some Book'

I think the first is the best, but is there a correct way to have a compound statement like this?

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    Found, and gave suggested fixes for, two errors in Some Book. – Jim Nov 19 '12 at 1:43
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    Good, Jim, provided that the fixes were for the errors. But what if he found two flat-out errors for which he could not provide fixes, and suggested two fixes for non-erroneous gracelessnesses? – StoneyB Nov 19 '12 at 3:00
  • StoneyB is correct, the two errors and two suggestions are different. I'll edit the question to make this a bit more clear. – John Smith Nov 19 '12 at 3:05

If the two suggested fixes you made were not for the three errors that you report having found, then you should not use a parenthetical remark. Parenthetical remarks are inessential additions to sentences. It seem to me that both remarks are essential and should be given equal weight in the sentence:

Offered 2 suggestions for changes and found 3 errors in Some Book.

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