"Show your support for the XYZ (Organization name) this season" or "Show your support of XYZ (Organization name) this year"?

I have seen support of and support for both being used. Is there a rule?

"Show your support of our clients" or "show your support for our clients"? (Support to be used in the context of making a donation)

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    I'd say "your support for" but "in support of" (American English). – user21497 Nov 13 '12 at 15:46

Support of an organization means that it is the organization that is giving the support. Support for an organization means that the organization is receiving support.

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The commonly used expression with of is in support of and according to NOAD means:

giving assistance to: air operations in support of the land forces. • showing approval of: the paper printed many letters in support of the government. • attempting to promote or obtain: a strike in support of an 8.5% pay raise.

In your example I would use for not of, as the support is for them not of them.

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