Is there another word besides "pass" that more accurately specifies the act of two vehicles going past each other in opposite directions, as opposed to overtaking a vehicle going the same direction?

I want to be able unambiguously to explain right-of-way to bicyclists who insist I move to the far edge when I'm walking against the traffic.

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    If you want to unambiguously explain your right of way to bicyclists, just do what Dustin Hoffman did in Midnight Cowboy: slam your hand on the front of their vehicle and yell, "Hey! I'm walkin' here!" – Robusto Nov 1 '12 at 20:50

You are referring to the act of passing oncoming traffic.

  • The bicyclist shall pass oncoming traffic on the far right.
  • The car almost hit oncoming traffic by moving too close to the center line.

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