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I've found a several descriptive images of the various ways to write all of the sounds of the English Roman Alphabet in Gregg Shorthand, but what I have not been able to find is a way to write all of the sounds of American English in Gregg shorthand; therefore, I'm seeking a resource or a person who can answer me this: how do I write all of the sounds of the IPA in Gregg Shorthand?

Please, use this IPA chart (thanks to a Wikipedia submission), which is pretty comprehensive, as a template, if you plan to manually go through it.

The reason I ask: I can find examples of all the sounds of IPA, but I cannot find examples of all the sounds of Gregg. If I can find audio samples of all of the Gregg Shorthand symbols, I think that I can make a list with confidence and resubmit a clean answer. So, also if anyone has a resource with phonetic examples of all of the Gregg Shorthand symbols, please post that as a comment or answer.

This chart:

This chart represents my own attempt to correlate these sounds. It took a long time to create, but feel free to bash it. The red are the ones I'm really in the dark about, and I don't think that any of the vowel sounds are correct.

As far as ʏ is concerned, I could not find an IPA character for "you/yew", but there is a Gregg character for it.

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    John Lawler has a deleted comment: "You might consider the Shavian alphabet, which is phonemic for English, and resembles Gregg somewhat. It's designed to be written rapidly, at least. For a list of the English phonemes, see here"
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