In this example:

bla bla bla phrase such as even if something like this doesn’t exist bla bla bla.

What can I use to inject my phrase in the middle of the sentence?

  • ,phrase, (commas)
  • ;phrase; (semicolons)
  • —phrase— (dashes)

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A parenthesis is an interruption. It is a remark which you insert into the middle of a sentence as if you are interrupting yourself.

In writing, the parenthesis is separated from the interrupted sentence using punctuation. You have a choice of several punctuation marks. One of them, the parenthesis, is named for this use.

Here are the marks which are commonly used for this purpose in American English. I also give common American English name(s) for the marks.

  • comma-space:

    Bla bla bla, even if this doesn’t exist, bla bla bla.

  • em-dash or space-en-dash-space (or hyphens, when en-dash and em-dash are not available):

    Bla bla bla—even if this doesn’t exist—bla bla bla. (em-dash)
    Bla bla bla---even if this doesn’t exist---bla bla bla. (em-dash using hyphen)
    Bla bla bla – even if this doesn’t exist – bla bla bla. (en-dash)
    Bla bla bla -- even if this doesn’t exist -- bla bla bla. (en-dash using hyphen)

  • space-bracket, bracket-space, using any of the various brackets invented for this purpose:

    Bla bla bla (even if this doesn’t exist) bla bla bla. (parenthesis or round bracket)
    Bla bla bla [even if this doesn’t exist] bla bla bla. (bracket or square bracket)

Semicolon (;) is not used for parenthesis. It is used more like a period (.), to separate complete sentences.

Style guides such as The Chicago Manual of Style will generally suggest the use of a particular mark for a particular kind of interruption. The square bracket, for instance, is often recommended when interrupting a quotation with an editorial remark:

The witness said: “He [the policeman] hit me.” (Example from EnglishClub.)


The most common recipe for unicorn burgers—even if they do not exist—calls for phoenix eggs and mermaid tears.

Assuming you mean what I think you mean, I think dashes are correct here. Brackets would probably work as well in less formal writing.

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