I'm looking for ways to simplify a document for better comprehension after I have already gone through an editing process myself. It could include suggestions easier synonyms, grammar optimization (adding commas or rearranging sentences), or plain language in general. I've only found a few resources:

Okapi This highlights difficult words according word whitelist from Spache (Grade 1-3) and Dale-Chall (Grade 4 & up). It can only handle 200 words at a time.

Microsoft Word can provide Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score (0-100) and Reading Level (about school grade) after doing a SpellCheck if you have enabled this option in preferences.

I know that software, algorithms, and automation will never quite accomplish everything, like finding for example:

  • How complex the ideas are
  • Whether or not the content is in a logical order
  • Whether the vocabulary is appropriate for the audience
  • Whether there is a gender, class or cultural bias
  • Whether the design is attractive and helps or hinders the reader
  • Whether the material appears in a form and type style that is easy or hard to read [ from http://plainlanguage.com/newreadability.html ]

But are there tools other than those in Microsoft Word, a thesaurus, or the OKAPI tool that would help improve a text document?

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