I'm not sure if such a figure of speech exists in English, and "unidirectional gaga" is certainly not correct.

But which wording expresses that a person becomes dumber from having exercised/performed something too frequently or in only one particular fashion.

  • It's an adverb or phrase that is usually applied to a person. But can also describe activities.
  • It primarily expresses "to make stupid" caused by a particular behaviour/performance.
  • The persistence or repetetion of past activites is implied to turn the person more dull / less open to alternative approaches.
  • Does usually but not necessarily have a derogatory meaning.

Possible alternative ways to express this:

  • to become stultified

    • from ingrained habits
    • through monotony
  • somebodys behaviour became dull

    • from tedious repetetion
    • ever the same approach

But of course I'm searching for a more catchy phrase or expression which coveres that sentiment.


As for forming a term from it's requirements:

Repititional dumbening?

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    'Repetition fatigue' sounds pleasant. – HaL Mar 14 '11 at 18:52
  • +1 I think that's a usable description of the cause and process. But I need to clarify: I'm more looking for a term that describes the final state. – mario Mar 14 '11 at 20:20

What about recursively dumber?

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