The following sentence seems incorrect to me, but I am not entirely certain:

We were thinking of holding a meeting next Tuesday.

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    What do you think is wrong with it? – Barrie England Sep 7 '12 at 15:16

It is correct.

Although using the phrasal thinking of may be somewhat less formal than an infinitive planning to, it is not ungrammatical to do so.

A very basic mapping of the sentence is as follows:

We - were thinking of - holding a meeting next Tuesday.
Sub    Verb Phrase         Object (Gerund Phrase)

Others may not consider thinking of as phrasal, and consider the second half of the sentence as a prepositional phrase. This is still allowable since gerund phrases function as nouns

We - were thinking - of (holding a meeting next Tuesday).
Sub   Verb Phrase    Prep + Noun Phrase (Gerund Phrase) 
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It is correct. There is nothing wrong with its grammar.

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