I am thinking along the lines of a hypochondriac, only not necessarily limited to health.

"Overly anxious" comes to mind but I don't think it fits exactly...

In context:

'I don't want to come across as being a XXXX but I am concerned that it will get damaged'

I need it to sound more formal than just slang.

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Doomsayer is a bit poetic/antiquated, but could pass in a "formal" context.

Scaremonger is just a little bit informal (but nothing like wuss, wimp, etc.)

If I didn't want to push the envelope with doomsayer, I'd probably use pessimist, alarmist, fatalist, dependant on exact context.


There are numerous slang terms for this including:

nervous nellie








A worrier is someone who worries a lot about bad things that might happen.

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