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Why 'kick back' can mean 'get relaxed'?

I have seen so many times "Sit back and relax" while installing softwares. I understand that it means it will take a while to install.

Today I saw "Kick back and relax" while installing the following software. What does it mean? Is this slang?

Image: enter image description here

  • To "kick back and relax" is somewhat stronger than the other phrase. It implies a more, shall we say, energetic form of relaxation. Or at least going at it more avidly. One thinks of alcohol consumed, carnal pursuits undertaken, conversation and laughter, everything done with gusto — even mere laziness is taken up a notch. – Robusto Jul 25 '12 at 12:49

According to OED, kick back is an informal way to say relax or be at leisure.

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