I read this post:


I previously had a real estate listings site and was generating around $1500 mth with about 3000 unique users per day. Content was essentially syndicated but as Google changed algorithm the traffic went through the floor.

Now my question:
The expression "went through the floor", in this context, what does it mean, collapse or explode ?
I suppose collapse, since the floor is at the bottom, but with expressions, one never knows for certain...

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Yes, it means to collapse, or go way down, or whatever. Contrast with "through the roof".

I can't find a reference but I'm pretty sure the expression originated in the financial markets, wherein a seller or regulator would set a price floor on a commodity or security, and if the value of said commodity fell below the floor, it was very undervalued and no one would buy it.


To go through the floor means "to fall to very low levels". So, your quote basically says that the traffic decreased dramatically.

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