I am reading the following paragraph and I can't quite understand what the bold text means.

And the depth of the inner world of a person has such rich potential to develop, and the potential to keep developing dimensions within; a complicated brain and a spirit with an elusive essence that evades material measure; and then the perfectly harmonious relation of these two phenomena-the physical and the spiritual together. . . mysterious beings... Within everything are meanings crystallized from the hues in the corona of that magnificent artwork-the human and her dignity.

It starts with "within everything" but continues with "are meanings crystallized" and that's the place I failed to understand since I don't know which type of grammar rule I should follow to decipher what it means.

  • That people write such tosh is always a mystery to me. What truly puzzles me is why anyone would want to read it. In fact that entire passage has almost no meaning at all. It is a vacuous statement expressed pretentiously. Aug 31, 2015 at 10:42

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It's an inversion of word order. A more straightforward way to say it would be:

Meanings are crystallized within everything...

Look at the original, broken into units:

1[Within everything] 2[are 3[meanings] crystallized].

1 (within everything) is a grammatically optional prepositional phrase, 2 (are crystallized) is the verb phrase, and 3 (meanings) is the subject. The rest of the sentence consists of other optional prepositional phrases.

Rearranged to normal (uninverted) word order, the whole sentence would be:

Within everything, meanings are crystallized from the hues in the corona of that magnificent artwork - the human and her dignity.

The upshot is that the meanings contained inside everything are made realities for us by virtue of human glory.


This passage in general is an abstract romanticizing of the metaphysical potential of the unity of the human spirit and its physical form. The bolded passage is a poetic expression that attempts to convey that transcendent glory. The human and her dignity refers to the divine aspect of each person, also described as a magnificent artwork (the artist being God? the Self? hard to say here). The corona is the crown, perhaps specifically intended to invoke the image of the sun's corona, because of the reference to its hues. Think of it like the halo in old paintings of saints, representing the illumination of their spirit. The hues of the corona represent the unspecified aspects of the holy light emanating from us. These hues crystalize as the meanings of all things. Crystalizing is the creation of a solid-state order from a dissolved liquid state. In other words,

all things have a meaning that is fluid, but various aspects of your divine emanating spirit cause those meanings to take shape, and that's a beautiful thing.

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