I am trying to find a word for a feeling in a scenario that goes something like this:

Suppose I was shopping for a watch at a place. I found the watch in Shop A and bought it at $30. Hours later, I saw a similar watch in Shop B selling at only $10. That is $20 cheaper. I felt like "oh my god, I should have not bought so early!".

In the example above, I felt devastated? No, I don't think I feel devastated. It's not that bad. I probably just felt "shucks only if I had....". But what's a proper word/phrase to describe this?

Is there a word or a phrase for this ahh-shucks-I-should-have-done-it-differently feeling?

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In the specific case you mention, the usual phrase is buyer's remorse.

More generally, I think the word you want is regret: "a sense of loss, disappointment, dissatisfaction, etc."

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