Sales appear to be down in October compared to August and September. The picture comes from a business that has sales activity only on days when the finan­cial markets are open. Because of the way that weekends and holidays fell in 2003, October had fewer trading days than August and September.

I'm a little bit confused by the last sentence. I understand the meaning which is: "The number of weekends and holiday days fell...". Is the last sentence written properly? Would you write it too or it does not simply sound right to you?

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Yes, it is written properly.

'Fall' is used in this way to mean 'day or date of occurrence'. We could say, for example,"My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year", or ask "What date does Easter fall on this year?"

This reflects the 'beyond control' nature of time. Probably, that particular October had 5 weekends as well as the holidays, which is beyond the control of the traders.


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