A man is talking to a woman.

We choose who we mate with. We decide the flow of bloodlines, and yours is far too thin.

I am not sure about the meaning of flow of bloodlines. When someone says that a person has a thin bloodline, what does he mean?

Is it common to say that someone has a thin bloodline?

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    It means that he is an pretentious snob, and thinks that the upper classes are genetically superior to everybody else. "Far too thin" means she doesn't have enough upper-class ancestors. – Peter Shor Apr 16 '12 at 14:12

Bloodline is another way of saying descendants. The flow of a bloodline is how the blood of one generation flows into the next. It is a metaphorical use.

The man is saying that they get to decide who has descendants. Saying that the woman's bloodline is "far too thin" is essentially saying she is not a good choice to mate with. Her bloodline does not flow well, because it is thin, so she will not have many, or any descendants.

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