Can anyone demonstrate the various usages of FYI, meaning the “for your information” thing? It would be great to see it in different kinds of sentences!


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In English speech, "FYI", pronounced /ɛfwayay/, can be used like a Class II Adverbial Subordinating Conjunction, and can be modified by just.

  • (Just) FYI, she is not his girlfriend.

In English writing, "FYI" is a TLA, and may be used like any common non-literary abbreviation, wherever formality is less important than letter count.

In both cases, however, the speaker (or writer) is assuming a Personalized (wink, wink; nudge, nudge) stance with respect to the listener (or reader), which reminds one somewhat of Tom Lehrer's story about

"a letter I received which said: Darling, I love you and I cannot live without you. Marry me, or I will kill myself. Well, I was a little disturbed at that, until I took another look at the envelope and saw that it was addressed to Occupant."


Are you just asking for situations where FYI could be used? Because surely it can attach on the the end, or beginning, of any (informal) sentence where the speaker want to impart some information on his/her listener.

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