Is there a single term for who have sex with non-living things?

  • It wouldn't be called having sex if one is getting off on objects. Unless you mean non-living as in dead people or animals.
    – prash
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People who derive sexual satisfaction from inanimate objects are referred to as objectum sexuals.


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    That may not be a suitable language reference -- is that term defined in any dictionaries/ standard references?
    – Kris
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    Please don't objectophile me!
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I think the word is just masturbation - a common form of autoeroticism, providing sexual pleasure or orgasm in the absence of a partner.

Wikipedia defines even a blow-up sex doll as aid in masturbation, so unless by "non-living" OP means "dead" (in which case it's necrophilia), anything inanimate involved in "solo sex" is a masturbatory aid and/or the object of a fetish.


Paraphilia is the common term for all abnormal love, including that with inanimate objects. The Greek suffix -phile is also used to describe someone having sex with an object (i.e. zoophile = someone who has sex with animals). So you could describe someone having sex with non-living things as a paraphile.

  • Although possibly confusing them with people who like members of an airborne regiment
    – mgb
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Yes, there is a term for a sexual attraction to non-living objects, which is called "objectophilia" or "objectum sexuality." It describes individuals who develop significant emotional and often romantic or sexual relationships with inanimate objects. This term is used within psychological and sexological literature to discuss the phenomenon.

Objectophilia, also termed objectum sexuality, is a pronounced emotional and often romantic and sexual attraction to inanimate objects. Individuals who identify with this orientation form strong bonds, emotional attachments, and may even have a sense of commitment to particular items or structures. This could encompass a wide range of objects, such as buildings, vehicles, gadgets, or other items that most people do not typically consider as potential partners or subjects of affection.

  • You can use something for sex without having a paraphilia, emotional relationship, or sexual/romantic attraction to it. If you're using a vibrator or dildo you're probably not having any romantic feelings towards it, although some people do allegedly have feelings towards sex dolls, at least if you can trust Ryan Gosling movies.
    – Stuart F
    Commented Apr 17 at 9:12

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