This passage is from the book IT by Stephen king

As Mellon and Hagarty passed, each with his arm linked about the other's waist, Webby Garton yelled out: 'I ought to make you eat that hat, you fucking ass-bandit!' Mellon turned toward Garton, fluttered his eyes flirtatiously, and said: 'If you want something to eat, hon, I can find something much tastier than my hat.' At this point Webby Garton decided he was going to rearrange the faggot's face. In the geography of Mellon's face, mountains would rise and continents would drift. Nobody suggested he sucked the root. Nobody.

I have something in mind but i'm not really sure . What does he mean by that?

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    "root (n.) [...] Slang meaning 'penis' is recorded from 1846." (Online Etymology Dictionary)
    – MetaEd
    Commented Jul 2 at 17:32
  • Translation: "Nobody calls him a cocksucker".
    – Barmar
    Commented Jul 2 at 19:58
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    What do you think it means? Even if you're not sure, what does the context tell you? Please include that and any other research in your question. Here is the helpful help center.
    – livresque
    Commented Jul 2 at 20:13
  • Does this dictionary entry help? greensdictofslang.com/entry/nqlkyby -- In fact, that entry uses the sentence from King as an example.
    – alphabet
    Commented Jul 2 at 23:27
  • Since my first language is not English I wasn't sure but thank you everyone.
    – Its me
    Commented Jul 3 at 12:44


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