Our company's staff retention report says the following:

Once a person is identified as affected, their home department and Client Service Manager work with the employee to identify potential employment opportunities within this organization

In fiscal year 2019-2020, nine (9) individuals were identified as “affected employees” under the Staff Retention Policy, as follows:

  • Number of positions affected by lay-off or voluntary separation – 9
  • Number of affected employees – 9
  • Number of employees laid-off – 2
  • Number subject to voluntary separation – 0
  • Number of affected employees who chose to exercise a lay-off option rather than seeking retraining or an alternate position – 2
  • Retraining and redeployment options identified for employees subject to lay-off – 5
  • Confirmation that all reasonable options to retain the employees were explored – Yes

I am trying to understand who the 5 training and redeployment options were identified for:

  1. Is it the 2 employees who were laid off or all the 9 affected employees?

English is not my first language so any help understanding this will be appreciated.

  • You want to know if the 5 are 2 or 9? Aren't they 5 ... 5 out of the 9? Commented May 23 at 19:08

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This department was required to reduce its size by 9 positions.

2 employees were laid off involuntarily. No employees quit voluntarily.

The remaining 7 were given the choice of either being laid off or being transferred to another department (this is "redeployment"). 2 of them chose the lay-off option, the other 5 chose "retraining and redeployment".

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