How do I diagram the sentence:

He makes her happy.

I was going to put "her" as the direct direct object, but "he" is not making "her." I was also considering an implied "be," as in:

He makes her (be) happy.

How ought this sentence to be diagrammed?

  • He's having an effect on her, so "her" is the direct object. Make has many meanings.
    – Stuart F
    Apr 24 at 10:37

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He makes her happy.

This structure is of the type SVOC.

"C", the complement, is of the particular type called "object complement".

he: subject
makes : verb form
her: object
happy: object complement

A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language, Quirk et al., § 2.16
model: Most people consider these books rather expensive.


He makes her be happy.

A bare infinitive clause may function as object complement with a relatively few superordinate verbs […].


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