How would you best explain that saying that "we live in a world that is technologically dominant" doesn't make sense in a context where you are saying that social media is not about to disappear? I've tried explaining it to my American wife but she doesn't see it.

I understand "America is dominant technologically" as America is prevailing over other nations by its strong technology.

I understand "the world is dominated by technology" as technology is really omnipresent nowadays.

I don't understand (I strongly believe it's wrong, unless I'm mistaken?) how the world could be "technologically dominant" without comparing it to other parties. And it's certainly not conveying the same thing as saying technology is dominant in the world.

  • You could say that technology is pervasive, but that’s not quite the same thing as saying that social media won’t disappear.
    – Lawrence
    Apr 2 at 17:17
  • 1
    To be clear: You think "America is technologically dominant" means the same thing as "America is dominant technologically," but your wife thinks it means "America is dominated by technology"?
    – alphabet
    Apr 2 at 18:27
  • Saying technology is dominant in the world is awfully close to saying the world is technologically dominant. Even technology-dominated. Which does not compare the Earth to Mars. Apr 2 at 19:09
  • "how the world could be "technologically dominant" without comparing it to other parties." Word order in English is not very strict. While this would not be the most common word order to express that idea, it probably wouldn't be so clearly incorrect as to be wrong as opposed to merely an usual or eccentric or poetic way of saying what the person means to say.
    – ohwilleke
    Apr 2 at 19:53
  • A country or region is technologically dominant. Not the world. A country or region is subjected to the technological dominance.
    – Lambie
    Apr 2 at 23:59


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