I'm not at all sure if such a word exists, but I feel like it has to. I think my title was enough, but to make it clearer when I say familial relationship words, I mean words like dad, uncle, niece, cousin, etc. English doesn't have a lot, but other languages have very complex relational nouns depending on which side of the family they're from, gender, and levels of relation. I feel like it's probably an important enough linguistic concept to warrant a name.

  • Appreciate it, HippoSawrUs. The answer is essentially given at me and my ancestors ... single word (though the question is hyponymic). Mar 26 at 13:06
  • When you're looking for a technical term in a field of study, I generally recommend asking on the site for that field. In this case, Linguistics.
    – Barmar
    Mar 26 at 21:41
  • Wikipedia has an article Kinship terminology. The popular genealogy site Ancestry.co.uk has a page titled Family Relationship Terms which also uses the expression "kinship terms".
    – Stuart F
    Apr 17 at 15:31
  • Working strictly on the wording of the Question title and exposition no, there is not. The phrase 'kinship terms' which HippoSawrUs suggested is prolly as close you're going to get. Apr 17 at 19:40


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