What preposition would I use on my CV, for example, when I want to state that I am a student assistant with/at/of/_ the XYZ-Project (University of XYZ)?

Thanks in advance!

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    I'd add 'working'; 'working on/with ...'. Commented Mar 15 at 9:37
  • With, on, for, to, or at are all possible, although at implies a specific location, and to might be more common to a person (despite NGrams showing "assistant to" is the most common). I'm not sure there are strong grounds for preferring one.
    – Stuart F
    Commented Mar 15 at 9:40

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It is not clear whether "attached to" is a preposition alongside other two-word prepositions such as "according to", "next to", or "contrary to", but it is a usual enough combination of words used in the context of association of people with organizations of all sorts when one does not choose to specify any particular process of association (appointment, election, and other processes of selection).

Introduction to Project Management: A Source Book for ... Davies A. Igberaese · 2022 This method insures that highly competent human resources are attached to the project as may be considered appropriate.

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board United States. National Labor Relations Board · 1955 Each of these meetings was attended by Francis H. Bacon, chief of the industrial branch of the project, and Frederick Rutt, Jr., a labor relation specialist attached to the project also attended some of the meetings.


In my experience, on is a common preposition when describing roles of members of a project.

Student assistant on the XYZ Project at the University of ABC

Also acceptable would be "in the XYZ Project team".

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