Like an attractive person but who doesn't wear make up, doesn't comb, and doesn't try to combine his clothes.

Attractive in an edgy way, not caring about their look but still looking good. Being handsome without trying. A lazy person who doesn't even do the minimum and still attracts looks towards his/herself.

  • Are you looking for a word for somebody who is attractive because of not caring (as 'attractive in an edgy way' suggests), or somebody who is attractive in spite of not caring ('a lazy person who . . . still attracts looks')?
    – jsw29
    Mar 10 at 16:23
  • Probably different terms for a man or a woman. Hot mess?
    – Stuart F
    Mar 10 at 18:57

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Raffish (adj.) is a possibility.

not following usual social standards of behaviour or appearance, especially in a careless and attractive way

He has a certain raffish elegance.



You can qualify attractive, attractiveness, beauty, handsomeness, etc. For example:

rough-hewn (adj.)

Lacking refinement

He was rather attractive, in a rough-hewn kind of way —Jan Speas

unpolished (adj.)

Not polished

Unpolished gemstones

She was attractive in an unpolished way and looked her thirty-one years.
Mary Alexander; Sum of Her Parts (2022)

rustic (adj.)

Lacking in social graces or polish

"I don't know, I thought the boy was rather attractive in a rustic way—quite handsome if you hadn't noticed—but I don't supposed he's ever been in a proper drawing room.
V.J. Banis; This Splendid Earth (2012)

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