I have been thinking about sentences like, "That's not impressive; Heck, even I can do that!" and I was wondering if there was another word that I can use in place of "Heck" in sentences like these or how I can reword the sentence while still keeping the same message across, if it's possible?

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    Heck is already a euphemism (for "Hell"). Have you considered merely leaving it out altogether?—which may even be more effective than something watered down still further.
    – Andrew Leach
    Commented Jan 6 at 8:50
  • Why don't you like them? Too weak, too strong, too Christian, or just want variety? Anything from gee to fuck might do depending on the situation.
    – Stuart F
    Commented Jan 6 at 11:11

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Any sort of interjection or exclamation would work in conversation.

“Shoot, even I could do that.”

“Shit, even I could do that.”

“Jesus, even I could do that.”

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    If the euphemism Heck is too strong, shit and Jesus will be too. Jesus is arguably strengthening the swearing.
    – Andrew Leach
    Commented Jan 6 at 8:51
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    OP never said anything about Heck being too strong. They asked for "another word I can use in place of" or how to "reword the sentence while still keeping the same message". Question is tagged with offensive-language so my suggestions seem fair game.
    – kjekk
    Commented Jan 6 at 16:57
  • The 'offensive-language' probably refers to the original content. It might be rather easier to be offensive than polite – many inarticulate people will pepper every sentence with offensive terms. Commented Jan 6 at 19:24
  • You missed the 4-letter word for fornication
    – Dale M
    Commented Jan 6 at 22:06
  • This entry only ridicules the problem and gives a trivial answer.
    – Elliot
    Commented Jan 8 at 5:13

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