Please propose one noun to describe the competence of a person in generating wealth. The usage I have in mind is in the most fundamental, core, and conceptual sense of the word. For instance, evolutionarily women are attracted to men who have competence in generating wealth.

I would say my intended usage is typically generating money for themselves rather than others like attracting business to a company or creating opportunities for a community to prosper but these could still indirectly generate wealth for the person as well and if there is a term that also includes these, then the better.\

The skills involved in generating wealth might differ, for example, sales, craftsmanship, etc but I am looking for an umbrella term that encompasses the underlying concept.

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    Please be more specific. What do you mean by "generating wealth"? Bringing in money for themselves? Attracting business to a company? Creating opportunities for a community to prosper?
    – TimR
    Commented Jan 1 at 22:07
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    Please show how you intend this word to be used. Would acumen work? Commented Jan 1 at 22:14
  • @TimR thank you for your comment. I tried to add more details to the question so that it hopefully answers your concerns.
    – Alireza
    Commented Jan 2 at 0:32
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    You may consider the expression “to have Midas touch” the ability to make money out of anything one undertakes.
    – Gio
    Commented Jan 2 at 10:07
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    Would you include criminal skills and personality traits like greed, miserliness, and sociopathy?
    – Stuart F
    Commented Jan 2 at 19:28

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What Is a Rainmaker? A rainmaker is any person who brings clients, money, business, or even intangible prestige to an organization based solely on his or her associations and contacts. The rainmaker is usually regarded highly within the company by other employees and is a key figure like a principal, partner, or executive. The term is sometimes used in the context of political fundraising as well.

KEY TAKEAWAYS A rainmaker is a person who brings clients, business, and money to their firm.

A retired politician with a large following and the ability to raise campaign funds for others is also a rainmaker. The term is often used in the legal profession, but also business, investment banking, and entertainment. Technically, a rainmaker can exist in any part of any business. An individual that brings real, positive change to an organization is a rainmaker.


  • Obviously business-orientated, but OP doesn't quite disallow this. A useful term to know. Commented Jan 2 at 19:21
  • Thank you @Lambie this is a very useful term but I would prefer a more generic term than something used mostly inside business
    – Alireza
    Commented Jan 12 at 5:03

money-minded maybe (e.g money-minded person)

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