A TV presenter of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" lamented it would be a "jolly weezer" if the man made less than his wife on a game show. What did he mean?


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One meaning of wheezer is a bad joke - it makes you wheeze instead of laugh.

3. a wheezing breath or sound.
4. an old and frequently used joke, saying, story, etc.

A possible implication is that it would create a situation that they will never live down.


It was probably not weezer but whizzer which the OED defines as "Something or someone extraordinary or wonderful; a ‘stunner’. slang."

Their examples range from 1888 to 1977 but it is common for old-fashioned slang to be used for humorous reasons.

While it means a good thing, it could be used sarcastically to mean a bad thing, or it could be taken as a good thing from the point of view of his wife (or even from the point of view of his marriage, i.e. not upsetting his wife).


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