For example, willingness to provide for someone is generosity and willingness to protect someone is bravery, but if we wanted to put both of these (an possibly other values) under an umbrella term, what would that word be?

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    'Willingness to protect someone'; is not the primary meaning of bravery. Nov 19 at 8:44
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Altruism appears to fit:

uncountable noun
Altruism is unselfish concern for other people's happiness and welfare.
Synonyms: selflessness, charity, consideration, goodwill

— Collins

  1. the principle or practice of unselfish concern for the welfare of others
  2. the philosophical doctrine that right action is that which produces the greatest benefit to others



If you provide for someone, then you are kind to them; similarly, if you protect them, it is often out of kindness, or that's what it amounts to anyway, kindness. As well, if you favour people with special advantages, which means that you make available to them certain opportunities of value, or, in the words of the OP, if you "provide value" to them, then, again, this is done out of kindness. So it seems to me that "kindness" is an umbrella term, at least a basic one.


kind adjective
(comparative kinder, superlative kindest)
caring about others; gentle, friendly and generous

• a very kind and helpful person


kindness noun ​[uncountable]
the quality of being kind

• to treat somebody with kindness and consideration

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