I've heard of the term escortee, but Googling it doesn't turn up any definition.

If not that, then what could I use in this sentence:

I escorted the girl through the school; she is a ________.

  • Is this a formal or informal escort? Nov 4 at 20:04
  • 1
    In many businesses there are notices at reception that say "All visitors must be escorted", so you might say I escorted the girl through the school; she is a visitor Nov 5 at 1:08
  • Chaperoned......
    – DJohnson
    Nov 5 at 13:41

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Escortee appears to be a fairly modern word. A Google search for define escortee shows it's in

I stopped after five. All of those have "Someone who is escorted" as the basis of their definition.

Because it's recently-coined, most "mainstream" online dictionaries won't include it yet. Online dictionaries which are more geared towards user updates are more likely to include new coinages.

However, the -ee suffix is productive, and even without formal corroboration, escortee can be readily understood.

Law Insider had a more specialised definition, presumably relating to a specific (although actually unspecified) situation:

Escortee means the person who is being escorted and who must have government-issued photo identification on his or her person at all times when present within the Restricted Area or the Sterile Area.


Charge is a possiblity, from Merriam-Webster definition 3b:

a person or thing committed into the care of another.

In the OP's example, we'd have "I escorted the girl through the school; she was my charge."

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