If I were to ask someone to hold onto something so I don't lose it, is there a word for that?

  • Or "May I entrust you with [sth] ?", noting that [sth] might be a belonging, a secret or a mission.
    – Graffito
    Oct 26 at 7:07

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There are several phrases such as 'look after' and 'take care of' but a single word is


to take care of someone or something
Could you mind my bag for a moment?

From Cambridge Dictionary.

  • I suppose 'bank' is a little different. // In the UK, 'Can you mind X, please?' in this sense implies (the strongly suggests or the demands sense) a limited-time favour. There's also the general 'tend / look after': 'I have to mind the shop now Brian has left.' Oct 26 at 15:40


Verb - safekept - simple past and past participle of safekeep


"Flashing between excitement and paranoia, Hevlin abruptly leaves, asking the player to safekeep the map."

Also, safekeeping


"I left my watch with Helen for safekeeping while I swam."

  • The noun safekeeping is much more common that the verb safekeep, which is a rare back-formation from the noun. Oct 26 at 9:46

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