No matter how many times I watch the SWOR trailer "Return", I can't grasp this interaction:

-Bounty hunter peeks at a what seems to be an attractive female.

+Eyes front.

-Just inspecting the truce, corporal.

Am I just hearing the word "truce" wrong? (i.e., is it another word?) The word truce seems very absurd, downright nonsense in this context- I have checked the 'Tureng dictionary' to find a sense that fits, but I can't find anything. Perhaps it's a slang usage?

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I would think he says:

Just inspecting the troops /tɹuːps/, corporal!

The p is almost inaudible, but it is there.

  • He is saying troops, no doubt about it.
    – Lambie
    Oct 5, 2023 at 22:02

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