What is an object that hinders or stops a spirit (specifically evil) called? I.e. a talisman, salt circle, or any other enchanted object.

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    What kind of spirits are involved?
    – alphabet
    Sep 27 at 22:49
  • Does garlic or holy water count? They are objects that supposedly deter the presence of vampires, but they are not specifically enchanted to do so.
    – Mitch
    Sep 28 at 13:58

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A ward can define an object that wards off evil spirits, negative energy etc. It can serve as a hypernym for such objects, and it can also cover protective spells/enchantments and barriers which is also prevalent in gaming world.

ward noun
7  : a means of defense : PROTECTION


Here are some relevant examples:

The concept of the evil eye and the incorporation of its image in jewelry and household decor is a very common idea throughout the world. Many cultures believe this symbol acts as a ward and can be used to protect yourself from negative energy and harm. - Ladyandtheblog.com

Shimenawa are believed to act as a ward against evil spirits, and are often set up at a ground-breaking ceremony before construction begins on a new building. - Wikipedia

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