I need some advice on the use of output as a verb.

To put it in context, I am working on a desktop app that uses some of the functionality of MS Word. In the app, there is an element called a binding that obtains a specific piece of data from the database and displays it in a document after you use it. As an example, this is a binding that displays a company's name: enter image description here

Once I execute it, it gives me the actual name of my company – the one that is specified in a specific location in the database.

enter image description here

And the question is: is it OK to use the verb output as a synonym for retrieving and displaying data in this case?

An example would be the sentence "To output a company's name in an MS Word document, you need to do use the following binding". Another example could be "To output the number of employees in your MS Word report, you need to do the following".

I'll be thankful for any feedback.

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    You use "display" several times in the question, have you considered that as an option? Sep 20 at 6:40
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    Have you looked at the documentation for MS Word, Libre Writer, or other applications, to see the terminology they use? I could do that, but you could do it too. What research have you done?
    – Stuart F
    Sep 20 at 10:17
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    "output" is commonly used among computer programmers as a verb. I don't think it's common among end users. User Experience might be a better place to ask about language used in user interfaces.
    – Barmar
    Sep 20 at 18:44
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    I've searched "output the name" in Stack Overflow and there are many results: stackoverflow.com/search?q=%22output+the+name%22 Thus, it is used in programming but I'm no expert. Someone experienced can answer. Wiktionary lists the sense of the verb output in computing also: en.wiktionary.org/wiki/output
    – ermanen
    Sep 21 at 8:00
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    I agree with Barmar that this is about precisionist usage, computerese, rather than mainstream English and belongs on User Experience.SE. 'Output' here and 'display' both seem not to reference the retrieval necessary. 'Retrieve and display' is clear. Sep 21 at 10:42