I've been playing a game and after completing a mission, one character ask to another the following:

How you doing on the feddy?

From the context, I assume that it's somehow related to money, but I'm not sure-it's an odd word! The only site I found it was on Urban Dictionary.

My question is, what does feddy really mean here, and how did it come to take on that meaning?

(Here's the video that shows some more context.)

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Feddy is slang for money:

(US black) money (Green's dict of slang)

Not sure how credible the etymology is, but Urban dictionary gives exactly the example in your video and says it means:

Money, short for the Spanish word "feria" meaning money.

  • How you doing on the feddy?
    I'm kinda short, you know.

Feddy might indeed come from Spanish and Words Matter gives another spelling:

A gross mispronunciation of the Spanish word feria, which in Mexico is used to mean coins. But maybe the term is also the result of the confetti-like image of money pouring from the sky when someone “makes it rain”.

Writings explained agrees:

Fetti: Money in general; originates from feria, the Spanish term for money.

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    Intriguing. I would have assumed that it comes from the "Federal Reserve Note" which appears on American paper money.
    – Andrew Leach
    Aug 16, 2023 at 9:22

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