I came across this sentence:

The dogs bounded past their leader.

What does "bounded past" mean? I know the past tense of bind is bound. But here the verb "bounded" is used. Is the root of "bounded" different from the verb "bind"?

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    Have you checked the dictionary definition of the verb bound? May 2 at 15:33
  • bound, bounded, bounded versus bind, bound, bound. Tricky, eh?
    – Lambie
    May 2 at 15:58
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    It means roughly the same as "galloped".
    – Hot Licks
    May 2 at 16:13
  • Thank you all for the response May 2 at 17:42

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Here, 'bound' means to run with leaping strides. This sense comes from the French root similarly seen in 'rebound'. Source: etymonline

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    May 2 at 16:55
  • The French verb "bondir" means to leap or to jump.
    – Graffito
    May 2 at 22:58

In this context, 'bounded' simply means 'ran'. It has nothing to do with being tied up.

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