I need a word to describe whether a train is "departing from" or "arriving at" a specific station.

For example,

Q: Excuse me. Do you know the [***] of (or between) train T01 and station S02? (asking if the train T01 is departing from or arriving at the station S02)

A: Yes, The train is arriving at station S02.

What is the word [***] that most describes such situation?

Single word is preferred.

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    I assume this is a field in a database of some sort? If so, it's likely off-topic for ELU.
    – alphabet
    Apr 27 at 3:08
  • @alphabet Thank you for the warning. I have edited the question so that it is likely on-topic now.
    – holydragon
    Apr 27 at 3:20
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    The issue, of course, is that typically any train at any station will both arrive at and later depart from it.
    – alphabet
    Apr 27 at 4:47
  • @alphabet Ok. So, I will add a new information, which is the station related to the train. Therefore, it will boil down to whether the train "depart from" or "arrive at" the specific station.
    – holydragon
    Apr 27 at 4:52
  • Colloquially I might ask "Is that train coming or going?" if I'm not sure if it's getting ready for departure or has just pulled in and is staying there.
    – Stuart F
    Apr 27 at 7:56

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A broader word including arrivals and departures would be movements. This would include movements to or from a siding as well as movements that are involved in a journey.


"Do you know if T01 will be inbound at S02?"

If it's not inbound (arriving) then it will be outbound (departing).

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