Focusing only on what is visible (Concentrating only on the appearance without understanding accurately)

I wanna describe as a word but I really don't know what it is.. What I want to write is 'A person who only focuses on what is seen' as a specific word.

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    Can you provide more context as to where this word will be used?
    – alphabet
    Feb 22 at 3:50
  • Single word requests should be accompanied by a sample sentence. I am voting to close as there will only be opinions.
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Such a person can be called superficial. The Free Dictionary defines it as:

concerned with or comprehending only what is on the surface or obvious


Some possibilities, definitions from Merriam-Webster:

imperceptive: not perceptive; lacking perception

obtuse: lacking acuity of sensibility or perceptions; having or showing neither delicate feelings nor alert awareness

oblivious: lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness; unnoticing, unaware

shallow: 3b: lacking in depth of knowledge, thought, or feeling

naïve 1: marked by simplicity, ingenuousness, or artlessness:
a: showing candor, freshness, and spontaneity unchecked by convention, social diffidence, or guile.
b: showing lack of worldly experience: innocent, simple.
c: unsuspecting, credulous, and unwary about duplicity or distortion
2: marked by lack of instruction, experience, perception, or learning: a: exhibiting lack of analysis, subtlety, or depth by ready acceptance without consideration


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