While watching the first episode of season 6 of the UK series "Line of duty", one of the character who is a leading detective in a case told another detective to "continue developing the intel". My question is what does "develop" here mean? Is it to keep searching/collecting the intel? To put the sentence into a context I'll provide their dialogue which as as follows:

Character A: We just had a call from a CHIS Handler submitting information relevant to Vella.

Character B: What did they say?

Character A: Possible suspect. A person so far unknown to the inquiry, alleged to have made a confession.

Character B: Okay. Continue developing the intel.

  • I wonder why you haven't asked what 'intel' means. Feb 9, 2023 at 20:21

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develop (v.)

5. a. (a) transitive. To bring (something) to a fuller or more advanced state; to improve, extend.

1741 tr. L. Racine in tr. Select Disc. Acad. Belles Lettres 36 Men recovered the Habitude of Thinking, which they had lost; and at the same time learned to develop and express their Thoughts.

1971 R. Brewer Approach to Print xiii. 151 The printing plant itself can be centrally developed to an advanced stage of efficiency.

2004 Time Out N.Y. 4 Nov. 161/2 We have so much more time to develop the character and get hyperdetailed about the various sides of this guy's life.


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