I want to write a sentence similar to "The kind of cookies I like is chocolate ones, which includes Oreos."

Is this grammatically correct? My thinking is the subject ("kind of cookies") is singular, but the above doesn't seem natural in speech. Would it be correct to replace "is" with "are" or "includes" with "include" here?

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Use the singular verb if the noun that follows is uncountable

  • The only kind of cheese I can digest, is Parmesan.
    The kind of music he plays is heavy-metal.

In the OP's example, “cookies” are countable and plural, ergo

The kind of cookies I like are chocolate ones, which include Oreos.

If we rephrase the sentence, it becomes clearer why the plural is more appropriate:

The kind of cookies I like are made from chocolate.

Using the singular form, "is", would be considered ungrammatical by many speakers.

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