When I search 'veneer definition' in Google (you can do that too), the explanation shows

a thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material.

I wonder why 'applied to' is used here, rather than 'applies to'. Is it a replacement for 'that is applied to'? And when can we use this kind of replacement?

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    It isn't the past tense, it's the passive. The veneer is applied to the wood (someone applies it). Nov 23 at 8:47
  • Apply is a regular verb, and in English regular verbs the past tense form and the past participle form (the form that's used in the Passive construction) are always the same and always end in D. Apply, applied, applied; type, typed, typed; cover, covered, covered; test, tested, tested. Nov 23 at 16:57


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